Dunbrackian of the Month

Dunbrackian of the Month: Amelia Sanford, July 2021

Dunbrackian of the Month

Dunbrack Soccer is pleased to announce, July’s Dunbrackian of the Month award goes out to one of our U9 players, Amelia Sanford.


This award is given each month to a member of Dunbrack, who has been instrumental in driving their own success as a player or who has had a positive impact on their club during the past month. This award recognizes a club member such as an athlete, coach, manager, board member or parent for taking a leadership role in such areas as: athletic competition, administration, community service or fundraising.


With the guidance of her winter coach, James Foley, Amelia has developed a passion for the game and a drive to become the best player she can be.


During the COVID lockdown she attended every zoom session for her age group and took on the challenge of attending zoom sessions for the age group above her.  Her skills have dramatically increased and so has her confidence and decision making on the ball.


Amelia is also a fantastic teammate.  She is very social amongst the group but most impressively she’s supportive, caring and understands the value of fair play.


 Her ambition, work ethic and positive attitude on and off the pitch are the reasons Amelia was chosen for Dunbrackian of the month.


A huge congratulations to Amelia!! Well done!


Q & A with Amelia Sanford


Q: What is your secret to success? 

A: I always try my best, and always have fun.


Q: What are your goals as they relate to soccer? 

A: My goals are to work hard, improve my skills, and someday play for team Canada in the Olympics.


Q: What is a memorable moment with Dunbrack? 

A: An exciting moment for me was when we got to practice in person again after lockdown and I could see my friends and teammates again.


August Dunbrackian: Do you have someone in mind that should be nominated for next month? Check out the guidelines and submit your nomination by June 20th to be considered.