June 2021

Dunbrackian of the Month

Dunbrackian of the Month: Gabrielle Frank, June 2021

A picture containing grass, outdoor, personDescription automatically generatedDunbrack Soccer is pleased to announce our first Dunbrackian of the Month award goes out to Gabriele Frank.  This new award will be given each month to a member of Dunbrack, who has been instrumental in driving their own success as a player or who has had a positive impact on their club during the past month. This award recognizes a club member such as an athlete, coach, manager, board member or parent for taking a leadership role in such areas as: athletic competition, administration, community service or fundraising.


Gabrielle has taken on leadership roles within the club with coaching, administrative tasks as well as club communication. On the field Gabrielle has been working with U8, U10 and U12 girls and boys to help develop strong soccer skills. During this lockdown, she has been busy coming up with ways to keep our young players engaged and active over zoom. You may have seen some of Gabrielle’s creative work posted on Facebook and Instagram as she has been creating posts and videos for social media to show some of the activities taking place at our indoor practices this year. She has put together some terrific videos to share training from the pitch.


Gabrielle is a grade 12 student at Halifax West High School. She started soccer at the age of 8 after moving from Halifax to London, UK where so much of the culture revolved almost entirely around soccer. Although as a child she was involved in lots of different sports, she found soccer created a space where she could be creative, meet new people and learn new skills while keeping physically fit.


Q & A with Gabrielle Frank

Question: Do you have a soccer story or highlight?

Gabrielle:  A soccer story that has stuck with me would be my relentless journey to find a soccer club when I moved to England. It was one that taught me the importance of resilience.

After a month of attending various team try-outs and being turned down repeatedly due to oversubscription of players in my positionI began to feel discouraged. Was it because I was too slow? Not very aggressive? Or just not good enough? Were the thoughts that began to flood my mind the night before my final try out. But as I glanced over at my soccer boots at the bottom of my closet, I was reminded of the reason I enjoyed soccer in the first place. Soccer was a sport where I could be as run, jump, kick, and dribble to my heart's content.

The next morning, I awoke, mostly optimistic but with a waiver of doubt. As I arrived at the field, I cautioned myself not to get too comfortable, just in case I got rejected yet again. However, by the end of the try out I had realized that I had bonded with the other players so freely in a way I hadn’t intended too and hoped that this team would be the one. After the session, the coach approached me and uttered the routine compliments. However, as she finished, she paused, before saying that I would be a brilliant and youthful addition to the team. At last, I had achieved some sort of stability and was thankful for my willingness to be resilient when faced with barriers.

Question: What are your soccer aspirations for the future?

Gabrielle: My soccer goals for the future would be to continue to use my knowledge about soccer to help encourage and coach the next generation of young players.

Question: What are your plans for the future?

Gabrielle: My goal for next year would be to attend a recognized university within Canada and study medical sciences so I can pursue my dream of one day becoming a doctor.



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