Job Posting: Grassroots Coach

Grassroots Soccer Coach

Are you between 14-20 and looking to coach Grassroots soccer this summer? 

Dunbrack soccer offers various Grassroot Soccer programs that run weekdays and weekends throughout the year. Programs will operate in Clayton Park, Fairview, Rockingham and Spryfield.  We are flexible in scheduling as it relates to availability, however, we do expect coaches to commit to their working assignments for the summer season, understanding that players will have their own practices and games. The more availability you have, the more opportunity can be provided.


Training and certification:

Coaches selected for our Grassroots summer program will be required to go through the virtual Canada Soccer – Grassroots Coach Education Program  as well as our Dunbrack on-field coach training. 

  • Learn to Train
  • Active Start
  • FUNdamentals
  • Soccer for Life

Dunbrack Support:

  • Dunbrack has sports subsidies to provide this training to those coaches selected for Grassroots Coaching.
  • Dunbrack will also be offering on field coach training once restrictions are lifted.


When We Need You

Ideally we like our coaches to be available for a minimum of 1-2 weeknights 5:45- 8 pm.  We occasionally need coaches for weekends.


Job Summary

A part-time Youth  Grassroots Soccer Coach is responsible for studying the provided curriculum and teaching the children for each given week.

Strong time management skills are required as our coaches are expected to start and finish on time while also covering everything that is in the curriculum for that specific session.

When teaching a class, maintaining class order is important, as it allows coaches to demonstrate the skills without distractions - resulting in the kids understanding better.



Responsible: Arrive on time to each session - 15 minutes before each session, able to lead a group of 7-12 preschool or school aged children, keeps accurate attendance, and communicates well with Grassroot Technical Lead.


Professional: Neat in appearance - wearing proper Dunbrack apparel, friendly and courteous with all  staff and directors, friendly and respectful to all program participants, parents and colleagues, accountable, and self-assured.


Enthusiastic: Must enjoy interacting with young children (4-10 years old) and be able to connect with them on their level, making the Dunbrack soccer practice the best time of the children's week. You must be very outgoing, animated and able to be silly with the children - you must enjoy the program as much as the children.


Experienced with Children: Must be able to engage and interact with 4-10 year olds and have prior experience doing so.


Experiences in Soccer: Soccer experience is required.


Are you a current Dunbrack player looking to coach for Dunbrack this summer? Please apply to