Skill Centre Coordinator

Skill Centre Coordinator (SCC):  Part-Time Position

Salary: $12k (1 Year Contract)


Job Description:  

  • Working in coordination with the Technical Director, the SCC will organise age group training on and off the field, making sure each team has a head coach.
  • The SCC will facilitate and attend weekend festivals and organize and coordinate when the club is hosting a festival.
  • The SCC will actively coach within training sessions.
  • The SCC will follow the G.A.G methodology and actively send out session plans on a weekly basis to coaches, using our Sports Session Planner tool. 
  • HDSC and the SCC will make sure that each coach has the equipment needed to run effective training sessions throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons.
  • The SCC is responsible for program communication to their players/parents regarding training and game schedules. 
  • The SCC is responsible for dealing with any issues or concerns from parents/players or coaches. If the SCC can’t come to a resolution, then the issue will be escalated to the Technical Director. 
  • The SCC will attend one monthly office meeting with the Technical Director to discuss the progress of the Skill Centre Program and will provide one monthly report on positives and negatives. 

Interested applicants should send their resume to George Athanasiou, HDSC Director of Operations, no later than Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 5pm AST.