Program Details

This program is open to the following age groups:


U12A: players born in 2010

U13AA: players born in 2009

U15AA: players born in 2007/2008

U18AA: players born in 2004/2005/2006


Season Length 

  • 19 Weeks, April 18 through August 27

Season Details 

  • U12A, U13AA and U15AA age groups will receive 2 x 60-minute training sessions per week (turf)
  • U18AA age group will receive 2 x 60-minute training sessions per week (turf and grass)
  • Weekly league game (Nova Scotia Soccer League schedule is to be determined)
  • Training schedules are to be determined and will be posted to our website under the “Training Schedule” tab when confirmed. 


  • Adidas training kit (socks, shorts and training shirt)
  • Adidas game-day jersey

Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club is excited to announce that starting this Summer Season, we are partnering with Cleve’s to supply our members with the club’s new Adidas soccer kit (shorts, socks and training shirt) and Adidas game-day jersey, which will be theirs to keep! This will apply to all players in the following programs for this upcoming season:


  • Skill Centre Program
  • Community Program
  • Development Program

After you complete the registration process, please click on the ORDER link to place your order for your soccer kit and jersey. The online site also has a selection of additional items available for purchase and includes a size chart to make ordering easy. The first order period is from March 7-20, 2022. Orders will be bundled by team at the Cleve’s in Dartmouth and will be picked up by the team manager and distributed to players at their practice. 


All players in the above programs MUST order the applicable “bundle” so they have a kit and jersey for the summer season. The club will no longer hand out game-day jerseys for league games.


While you wait for your order to be ready, please do your best to utilize the kit that you already have for any pre-season training. 




U12A: $550

U13AA: $660

U15AA: $660

U18AA: $435


Fees include: 

  • Facility costs
  • Technical Leads, coaches and technical staff
  • Player registration/insurance with governing bodies
  • Training equipment
  • Administrative fees (operational, registration system, processing)
  • League fees (games, facilities, referee, administration)