Financial Assistance

Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club strives to make soccer available to all players regardless of the cost. 

There are several national funding organizations that work with soccer clubs to provide registration fee and equipment funding to those who qualify. Jumpstart will provide up to $600 per year ($300 per soccer season) to players who qualify, while KidSport provides up to $500 per year. If you need financial assistance, please apply to both Jumpstart and KidSport to see if you qualify. Once you complete the application, please forward your application reference number or confirmation number to the club to ensure that once your funds are received by the club, they are correctly applied to your player's account.

APPLY for Jumpstart Funding

APPLY for KidSport Funding

Need help applying for KidSport Funding? CLICK HERE

Sometimes players need further funding assistance. Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club is proud to offer in-house funding to qualifying players through our Everyone Plays initiative. If you have exhausted both Jumpstart and KidSport funding for a calendar year, you may apply for Everyone Plays funding to see if you qualify.


APPLY for Everyone Plays Funding


Need help Applying for Everyone Plays Funding? CLICK HERE